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IASP eSagu Advice Service for Agricultural Crops

As a part of this service, agricultural expert advice is provided under eSagu framework for agriculture field crops (duration of the crop is at most one year) such as rice, cotton, maize, wheat, sugarcane, chillies, and so on.

  • The farmer can register the agriculture farms into the system directly or through a coordinator.
  • The farmer (or coordinator) visits the agriculture farm at regular intervals and sends the crop status photographs and the text either in on-line manner or off-line manner.
  • The agricultural experts access crop status data from the IASP portal and deliver the expert advice regarding steps to be taken to improve the crop productivity.
  • The advice can be downloaded from the IASP portal by both the farmer and the coordinator. Also, the advice is sent to the farmer's and coordinator's cell phone through SMS.
  • The farmers/coordinators can use the system through mobile phones.

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