ICTs for Agriculture and Rural Development
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The center is carrying out teaching , research and devlopment with an aim to build ICT-based systems and methodologies to accelarate indian agriculture and rural development. The faculty is involved in imparting knowledge regarding sustaninable agriculturural production systems and environmental issues so that students can carry out research in the area of societal development by extending development in ICTs.

Since 2004, efforts is going on, in collaboration with Media Lab Asia, to build an IT-based personalized and scalable agro-advisory system called e-Sagu with an aim to improve farm productivity, profitability and sustainability by delivering qualit prsona- lized (farm-specific) agro-expert advice in a timely manner to each farm at the farmer's door-steps. So far, we have developed e-Sagu and operationalized it in 300 villages covering six districts for 50 agriculture crops besides fish and prawn.

Collaboration with Media Lab Asia to develop a country-wide integrated agri-service program (IASP) by providing multiple agri-related services (e-Sagu agro-advisory, agri-inputs, finance and marketing) as single window to the farming community. Major Achievements - CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Project Award 2005-06 (overall winner) - Manthan Award 2007-India's best e-Content Development - Finalist in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2008.

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